Conflict coaching

for business partners, employees, managers and teams who are aware of tensions or conflicts and are prepared to address them.
Conflict resolution in Zurich through conflict coaching


Conflict as a signal for necessary change

Conflict situations lead to stress and negative emotions for most people because many have experienced that conflicts are mainly destructive and do not result in anything positive. This is why very few people actively tackle conflicts. It is therefore normal in conflict situations to wait a long time for something to happen. If this is the case, please don't blame yourself. I have only recently started to take the view that conflicts are simply signals that something needs to change or that something new wants to happen. This makes conflict resolution and development more likely.

Your situation

What is your specific concern?

Conflict coaching can be helpful in the following situations:

  • You have an inner conflict and feel blocked or weakened in your effectiveness. This is about resolving an inner conflict, so to speak.
  • There have been tensions in your team or in another working relationship for a long time or on a regular basis. You want to address this in order to prevent further escalation.
  • There are diffuse disagreements in your team or business partnership and cooperation is suffering as a result.
  • You have the feeling that cooperation is impaired by contemptuous, accusing, defensive or avoidant behavior and you would like this to change.
  • You would like to discuss the topic of communication with your team or business partner and also determine how you want to deal with each other in the event of a conflict.
Conflict resolution for conflicts in the workplace
Conflict resolution with Deep Democracy


What are the possible outcomes of conflict coaching?

My clients reported the following results, among others, which were achieved through conflict coaching:

  • Trust that even difficult issues can be tackled through dialog.
  • More awareness of the dynamics in the team or the business relationship.
  • Clear decisions for or against further cooperation.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Know your own destructive and constructive communication strategies.
  • Feeling less stress and more satisfaction in everyday life.


How do we set up conflict coaching?

1. Video call

We get to know each other in a free video call and discuss the overall goal of the coaching, my approach and our expectations.

2. Contracting session

We discuss the situation, define the goal for the conflict coaching and discuss possible approaches. Based on this, I will send you an offer.

3. Assessment

Depending on the agreed procedure, we start with interviews, a questionnaire or we carry out a group assessment.

4. coaching

Based on the assessment, we develop the initial coaching and then look step by step at what is needed next.

Do you have any questions? Send me a message or let us clarify them in a free (video) call.